Palomar Solar Military Giveaway

Palomar Solar and Roofing gives away a free home rooftop solar system

Palomar Solar Supports Our Local Troops

Palomar Solar wants to help a local Military Family/gain their energy Independence

If You Served, You Count!

Enter for a chance to win a free home rooftop solar system designed specifically to your homes energy needs

Grand Prize – Palomar Solar will design and install a PV solar system up to 7kw DC.

System will be designed by Palomar Solar to fit the finalist’s needs. The following criteria will affect the design

  • Finalist’s current KW usage will determine the system size needed to offset up to 95% of current energy consumption. All Finalists will be required to provide current green button data from SDGE for consideration.
  • System will be a roof mount PV system, roof dimensions may limit system size. Not all homes have roof space capable of supporting up to 7kw.
  • Main service panel may limit the system size, not all main service panels can accommodate a 7kw system.
  • Palomar Solar LTD. Shall make the final determination of the system design.

All contest entries must be received no later than 9-18-2019 either by mail or online contest entry.

  • On 9-19-19 Palomar Solar will randomly select 3 finalists and notify them of their selection
  • Palomar Solar LTD. Will make final determination of finalist’s eligibility.

Eligibility requirements

  • Resident homeowner in San Diego County
  • Eligible Military family member must reside in the house.
  • Residence must be serviced by SDGE for their electric service.
  • Representative of the eligible service member must be present to win at the 2019 Miramar Air Show on 9-27-19 as a guest of Palomar Solar.
  • Contestant must accept the terms and conditions of the contest in order to meet eligibility requirements.

Contact Information:

1526 Sterling Court
Escondido, CA 92029
(760) 504-0388
Lic # C10-945152

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Thanks to our partners for supporting us in this mission.


Terms and Conditions (PDF)

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this contest.