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Palomar Solar Military Giveaway


Palomar Solar Supports Our Local Troops

Palomar Solar wants to help a local Military Family gain their energy Independence

If You Served, You Count!

Enter for a chance to win a free home rooftop solar system designed specifically to your homes energy needs

This is the real deal

We get it.  You’re skeptical.

We’ve all seen it before.  A company promoting something for free; something too good to be true, only to be a gateway into something you need to purchase.  However we assure you, there’s no catch.  The winner of the system will be treated like family; like any other Palomar Solar and Roofing client.  The system is truly free.  Take a look at our past winners.

2022 winners!

Robert Mikloski
Navy – Retired
3.840 kW DC System

Alyce Fernebok
USMC/Captain – Veteran
6.480 kW DC System

Victor Graf
US Navy ADCS (E8) – Retired
3.840 kW DC System


Past Winners:

2022 Winners
Airshow Winners

Grand Prize – Palomar Solar will design and install a PV solar system up to 7kw DC. System will be designed by Palomar Solar to fit the finalist’s needs. The following criteria will affect the design

  • Finalist’s current KW usage will determine the system size needed to offset up to 95% of current energy consumption. All Finalists will be required to provide current green button data from SDGE for consideration.
  • System will be a roof mount PV system, roof dimensions may limit system size. Not all homes have roof space capable of supporting up to 7kw.
  • Main service panel may limit the system size, not all main service panels can accommodate a 7kw system.
  • Palomar Solar LTD. Shall make the final determination of the system design.
  • Before each client project, Palomar makes a determination of the condition of each homeowner’s roof. As contest winners are treated as standard clients, the age and condition of the roof will be accessed by Palomar before any solar installation will be initiated.  If it’s determined a new roof is required, Palomar will be happy to provide a bid.  Use of Palomar is not required to receive the new system.  The solar system cannot be installed on a roof in need of repair.

All contest entries must be received no later than September 5, 2023 either by mail or online contest entry.

  • On or around 9/7/23 Palomar Solar will randomly select 3 finalists and notify them of their selection
  • Palomar Solar LTD. Will make final determination of finalist’s eligibility.

Eligibility requirements

  • Resident homeowner in Palomar’s service area.  See map
  • Eligible Military family member must own the house.
  • Residence must be serviced by SDGE or SCE for their electric service.
  • Representative of the eligible service member must be present to win at the 2023 Miramar Air Show on 9/22/23 as a guest of Palomar Solar.
  • Contestant must accept the terms and conditions of the contest in order to meet eligibility requirements.

If You Served,
You Count!

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Palomar Solar Gives Back
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